Next to the tutorials in mathematical and philosophical logic, the following students will present their work:


Aleks Knoks & Riccardo Pinosio (Amsterdam University) A New Approach to Default Reasoning: Minimization of Abnormalities and Tableaux
Antje Rumberg (Utrecht University)
Branching Time Semantics with Sets of Transitions
Bjorn Lellmann (Imperial College, London) Graphical Construction of Cut Free Sequent Systems
Claudio Ternullo (University of Liverpool) Does Contemporary Set Theory refute Mathematical Platonism?
Dominik Klein (Tilburg University) Bringing Dynamics to Epistemic Game Theory
Jeroen Goudsmit (Utrecht University) Admissible Rules of Intermediate Logics          
Jonathan Payne (University of Sheffield) Natural Deduction for Modal Logic with a Backtracking Operator
Jonne Speck (Birkbeck College, London) Grounded Classes and Admissible Sets
Lorenz Demey (University of Leuven) A Brief Overview of Logical Geometry
Marta Sznajder (LMU Munich) Intensional Verbs - A Dynamic Approach
Samuele Maschio (University of Pavia) Syntactic Categories, Free Algebras and Peano Arithmetic
Thibaut Giraud (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris) Contradictory Objects without Contradiction
Yacin Hamami (Free University of Brussels) Towards a Dynamic Logic of Interrogative Inquiry


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