PhDs in Logic IV

This edition of PhDs in logic is over, but new editions are coming up!

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Ghent, April 12-13, 2012

PhDs in Logic IV is a graduate conference organized by and for PhD-students. This edition is the fourth one of an annual Belgian–Dutch happening; earlier editions took place in Ghent (2009), Tilburg (2010), and Brussels (2011).

As all previous PhDs in Logic conferences, this two-day graduate conference follows this threefold plan: 

*    Four established tutorial speakers will each give two one-hour tutorial sessions on a relevant topic in logic.

*    Ten to twenty PhD students are given the opportunity to do a presentation on their own work.

*    Networking will be encouraged by providing for generous breaks and by having lunch with the entire group.

The invited tutorial speakers for this year's edition are Valentin Goranko (Technical University of Denmark), Alessandra Palmigiano (University of Amsterdam), Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr University Bochum), and Andreas Weiermann (Ghent University). All speakers have provisionally accepted our invitation.

PhD students interested in doing a talk should send a 500-1000 word abstract to by January 15th, 2012. We welcome PhD students in logic with a background in philosophy, computer science or mathematics. Exceptions can be made for master students and first-year postdocs.



Submission deadline         January, 15, 2012

Notification                       February, 13, 2012

Conference                      April, 12-13, 2012


Organizing Committee

Mathieu Beirlaen

Tjerk Gauderis

Bruno Leclercq


Scientific Committee 

Diderik Batens

Leon Horsten

Benedikt Löwe

Joke Meheus

Jean Paul Van Bendegem



Doctoral School Arts and Humanities, Ghent University, Belgium



Centre National de Recherches de Logique - Nationaal Centrum voor Navorsingen in de Logica (CNRL-NCNL), Belgium